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Live a Full Life With Your Portable Nebulizer Kit

In order to treat your respiratory condition, it is important to keep your medication on hand.
Starlight Distributing LLC offers nebulizers as a device commonly used to treat these types of breathing problems. Our nebulizers come in a variety of cases, making them portable for adults and children alike when taking your medicine on-the-go.

All Pediatric Nebulizers Include:
Carrying Case | Disposable and Reusable Neb Kit | Mask

Animal Shaped Pediatric Nebulizers Include:

Pink Panda Bear | Blue Seal | Penguin | Panda Bear

Help Your Child Get Well With Our Pediatric Medical Equipment

When you have a child with a respiratory condition, it can be hard to get them to enjoy taking their medication. At a young age, dealing with medical equipment can be overwhelming and often times scary if they do not understand. Our company provides children-friendly medical equipment which takes away the fear associated with their medical supplies. We have pacifiers for infants as well.

These fun animal shapes allow your child to bond with their medical equipment through their vivid imaginations. The 10 to 15-minute session will become time spent with an animal friend instead of a dreary break from their fun. The fun shapes and colors of our animal nebulizers will help them to remember their medicine when they are out enjoying childhood.

For infants, we offer an accessory pacifier. This pacifier easily attaches to the nebulizers and allows for your young baby to do what is most natural while receiving their medicine. This accessory is available for purchase.

Refill Your Nebulizer With Our Supplies

Our nebulizer supplies are sold as neb kits which include the tubing, chamber for Albuterol, and a mouthpiece. For infants who suffer from breathing difficulties, we offer pacifiers in addition to the nebulizers. We also provide replacement nebulizer masks for both adults and children. Our nebulizer kits can be billed through your insurance. However, we offer our kits at a low price of $10.00, and our pacifiers for $10.00.

Incorporate Your Nebulizer Into Your Everyday Life

Our adult nebulizers can be used for all ages. This unit is compact and can be easily placed on your desktop.

Accommodating Your Budget

Prices for our nebulizers are $55.00 for a pediatric and adult.  Our portable nebulizers are $120.00.  Our team works with a variety of insurance plans. In order to keep your nebulizer with in your budget, give us a call to see if you are eligible for better pricing.

Adult Nebulizer